Past Events

Social Events

In the past, we have put on a number of socials for the society, both on campus, and in town, with people nearly always ending up in town, whatever we do! Not everyone drinks alcohol on the socials, which makes for a great evening all round!

Some recent socials include:

  • Pub Golf Bar Crawl
  • SLUGS goes ‘Green’ (literally!)
  • International SLUGS
  • Global games social
  • Clash of the geographers (BA vs. BSc)
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Vault social
  • Day trips with the examples of Malham Cove and the Lake District
  • Campus bar crawl
  • Pub Quiz
  • Tea and Cake chill out session
  • Christmas Meal (held every year)
  • Film night

Academic Events

As well as having socials, we have also had a number of speakers come in throughout the last year. The highlight was when we had Simon Reeve (author, TV presenter, adventurer, and all round cool guy) come in and do an afternoon series of talks all about his travels around the world, including presenting the series all about the Indian Ocean, which was just airing on TV at the time.

We have also had talks from a Secondary School Teacher about taking a Geography degree into schools, and have had people from local authorities come in and talk about GIS in their field of work, amongst other things.


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