Freshers 2017


Are you coming to Lancaster to study Geography in October 2017?

If you are then come and join us at the Freshers’ Fair on October 5th!

There is no better way to meet people on your course and in other years than at SLUGS!

To find out more, like us on Facebook for all the latest SLUGS information! There we will keep you posted about the first socials of the year as well as a variety of other SLUGS news.

When you come to Lancaster, you will take part in an orientation session during freshers week and we will be there to tell you all about the society, and then you will have an opportunity to sign up and meet some of the exec.
Make sure you also look out for the monthly SLUGS Update email that will be going round keeping everyone up to date with what is going on in the society.

The exec members are hard at work making sure that this coming year is jam packed with socials and events for you all, get ready for some fun fancy dress socials as well as some BA vs. BSc rivalry among many other things! The first social will be announced soon and we hope you’re excited as we are to meet you all!


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